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Experience the history and the haunted past of Historic Downtown Saint Cloud, Florida. In it's humble beginnings as a sugar mill plantation, the area grew to be home to our Civil War veterans deeming the area, 'Soldier City.' With a past haunted by massive fires forcing many buildings and its residents to rebuid their lives, Saint Cloud is a town with a story to tell.


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Near Kissimmee and minutes from Disney in Orlando

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Walking Ghost Tour

Walking Ghost Tours

Take a stroll with our ghostly guide who will unfold the historic beginnings and ghostly tales of historic downtown St. Cloud, Florida. From reports of hauntings at the hotel to bank robberies and the infamous fires, the streets hold stories long kept untold.

The tour will finale at one of the few original downtown buildings, the infamously haunted, yet beautiful St. Cloud Hotel frequented by spirits of the past. We may even have a tour inside (subject to availability).

Ghost tours are scheduled regularly downtown at GhostStop not far from Kissimmee and Disney World in Orlando.

Tickets: $15.95

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Ghost Tour Investigation

Ghost Hunt Investigation

Be a ghost hunter! Come on a ghost hunt with us at some of our favorite historic buildings with paranormal activity. You will be invesigating alongside the crew of GhostStop, an experienced paranormal investation team using real equipment. No scare tactics. This is a real ghost hunt experience.

A truly UNIQUE ghost hunting experience!

We will be investigating buildings previously scoured by the GhostStop investigation team. We will begin with a video presentation including evidence captured then move to the location for investigation. At the end of the investigation we will conduct a short evidence review back at the GhostStop reveal room. Full event lasts 4 hours.

Ghost hunts are schedule regularly at a location near Orlando, Kissimmee and St. Cloud. Locations vary. See our schedule for our schedule.

Tickets: $39.95 - $79.95

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Tips to an awesome ghost tour experience...

  • If you have ghost hunting equipment, bring it! Cameras, EVP recorders, EMF meters and anything else are a great way to capture potential evidence that can happen anywhere and any time along the tour route. If you would like to purchase equipment, GhostStop has a wide selection of ghost hunting equipment to choose from on their web site or at check-in.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to tour start to purchase your tour ticket and get settled in for a great tour.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.
  • Bring some friends.

GhostStop LogoWhy tour with us?
Because our tours are hosted by GhostStop, you will be learning and investigating with experienced paranormal investigators. GhostStop makes and supplies equipment for TV shows such as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters International, Fact or Faked and more in addition to ghost hunting teams all over the world. So, when you investigate with GhostStop, you know you're learning from an experienced team of investigators.

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To book your tour or for more information you can contact us by any means below or come by the GhostStop shop in historic downtown Saint Cloud, FL near Disney World and Kissimmee. We are happy to help!

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